Don't use, but want a tool for automating emails?

Automated Emails for

free trial of 500 emails, no credit card required


up to 5000 email sends



up to 10,000 email sends



up to 50,000 email sends

One thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT per seat.
The price is based solely on monthly email volume -- which includes unlimited users, unlimited contacts, and unlimited sequences.

Questions? Email

How do I setup a sequence?

Drag and drop your email templates from, then set the time delay between emails.

How do I change who the sequence is sent from?

By default, the sequenced emails are sent from whomever has the login to Drip Emails. You can easily change the sent from email by selecting the person in the custom field labeled, Drip Emails: Send From.

How do I subscribe a lead to a sequence?

After you create a sequence, we create a few custom fields in To subscribe a lead to one of your sequences, look for the Drip Emails: Sequence custom field and select a sequence. Within a minute or two, Drip Emails will populate 2 other fields: Drip Emails: Next Template (read-only) and Drip Emails: Next Send (read-only)

How do I stop a sequence?

If a lead responds to an email, the sequence is automatically cancelled and future emails will not be sent.

To manually cancel, remove the custom field Drip Emails: Sequence from your lead. Within a minute or two, the other custom fields will disappear and the sequence will be cancelled, along with any future emails.